Purchase process

Purchase process

1. Add machines to the cart, fill in delivery information, continue the payment , track the logistics information and then wait for the delivery.

2. After completing the payment, you may contact us by email or call this number: 0755-23351790

3. The tracking number will be provided for you after delivery.

4. Place unpack the goods when you receive and check carefully whether the products are in good condition or not.

5. Rockminer provides perfect and thoughtful after-sales technical support and service phone call for our customer.

6. The price of bitcoin mining machines has to be adjusted frequently in accordance with variables like the BTC/USD exchange rate, the bitcoin network difficulties, or other unexpected difficulties, therefore, please consult us the latest price before paying the order. Please complete the order and payment within 2 hours, otherwise the order will expire and your payment may not be detected by the system automatically.

FAQ Questions and Answers

1. Is it possible to go to the company and make a purchase?

Answer: Some of the machines in stock can be referred to. Mine-typed products have always been shipped directly from factories. Because price changes are frequent. Mine-type goods have always been shipped directly from the factory. Due to frequent changes in prices, in order to avoid risks, Rockminer usually do not stock up products or store only a small amount of stock. Please phone us in advance to check whether we have your order in stock. Or you may pay the machines first and come back to

2. How long will it take to ship after payment?

Answer: The spot product is usually shipped on the day after payment, and if there are too much orders, it may be delayed until the next day. If it is a futures product ordered, then it will be shipped on the agreed date of the futures contract.

3. How long can I receive after delivery?

Answer: According to our past delivery experience, the delivery time ranges from 1-5 days from the date of shipment.

4. Which express transportation will the products be delivered?

Answer: Deppon Express is preferred and SF Express is the second choice. The mining machine is an electronic product and it can not be shipped by SF Express air transport in some areas, it is preferred delivery Deppon Express.